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Ed Houston
Senior Pastor

Pastor Ed and Alene Houston

Pastor Ed Houston was the Youth Pastor at Molus Pentecostal Church for many years. Quite a few of Pastor Houston's Youths were called to the ministry in the capacity of Pastor, Youth Leader or Music Ministers.

They have a deep passion for reaching lost souls, and we all thank God for them. As a concerned and caring leader, Pastor Houston has devoted time and energy towards praying and ministering to individuals who desire healing and spiritual gifts.

Pastor Ed Houston Pastored The First Pentecostal Church, (next to the
Wallins Elementary School) and he Pastored the Molus Pentecostal Church.


Pastor Houstons Children:
Edwina "Pooh" Houston Eldridge, & Kenneth Earl Houston & Eitta Joe Houston Wright

While you are here be sure to view Pastor Ed Houston's Itinerary so when he is in your area your can be come here him singing and preach.  

Pastor Houston would like to personally extend a welcome to you if you are ever in the Wallins Creek, area. Please come out and be with us in any or all of
our services. The first time you are there, you will be a visitor. The next time you are there, you will be one of us. So at the next opportunity, come and see us. May God richly bless you.ould like to personally extend a welcome to you if you are ever in Kentucky.

Pastor Ed would love to hear from you and help you in any way he can. Comments are welcome as well. God bless you!


If you would like to extend a booking invitation to Pastor Ed Houston to minister at your Church or Organization you may do so

Thank you and God bless!

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