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Kentenia Full Gospel Church began in the late 1930s in the small coal community of Kentenia, just past Wallins.

The small church, built by the Pope and Cawood Company, began originally as Kentenia Baptist Church and continued for many years with a small congregation fluctuating from 10 to 30 over the years. At one time, the church closed its doors for a short time; however, members of the community worked to build back up the congregation. Due to the deterioration of the old church and the need for space, the Rev. Ed Houston and the congregation acquired more land and began building the current structure in 2000. The first services in the new 250-seat building were held just after Thanksgiving in 2003.

Future plans include building a steeple and remounting the old bell from the old church building. Currently, the church offers a youth program, which is a new event. The youth are continuing to grow in number in the church. Pastor Houstons' daughter,
Edwina Eldridge, has been working to build up the youth program. She works extensively with the youth in music programs.

The church offers a variety of worship styles. We sing old gospel hymns from the Church of God Hymnal, contemporary praise and worship songs, special singings and bluegrass.

The church also sends the youth to a youth camp every year. Two years ago, the church received an award at the camp for the best-represented church out of about 58 churches there. Our main goal here is to accommodate the community in the tri-state area and have revivals and see souls saved, and see people healed and filled with The Holy Spirit.

The church also helps host a community service for the Wallins area where the 12 churches of Wallins are invited to join together for an evening
service. The first one brought in nearly 220 people from more than seven churches. The group plans to do these services every three months. The goal is to help people realize that churches love one another.

The church fervently believes in going out and teaching others and spreading discipleship to other people through evangelism.

The church is a full gospel church, believing that Christians are saved by grace, through faith and not of self. The church also believes in repentance and baptism, and also has Communion services inlcuding foot washing.

Kentenia Full Gospel Church believes in the virgin birth, John 3:16, in water baptism and baptism in the Holy Ghost to receive the gifts of the spirit, such as preaching and speaking in tongues. The church believes in the power of God, healing, annointing and the laying on of hands for prayer.

The power of God is what makes uniqueness in everything.

When the spirit of God is not moving in the church world ... and the world comes in and sees nothing going on, theyll just go back up. People are looking for the power of God ... moving in the churches.

A lot of good things are going on in the church, and the congregation is really growing.



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